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    Network Marketing Success in the Age of Digital Connection

    • Sneak Peak at our Course Content-Menu & Goals

    • Introduction & Welcome from Carla Ksonzek

    • Learning Session Outline

    • How Today's Consumers Connect with Lifestyle, Beauty & Wellness Products

    • Evolving from Traditional to Digital Prospecting & Persuasion Effectively -

    • How to Differentiate Yourself in Their Inbox in 2.5 Seconds-How to Get More Replies

    • How to Structure your Digital Communications - Scripting & Key Words - Client & Associate Pathways

    • Actionable Time Management Strategy & Digital Business Planning for Successful Implementation - Set Your Goals

    • Download-Network Marketing in the Age of Digital Prospecting

    • Printable Presentation-All Rights Reserved-UpInMotion Inc

    • Client and Downline-Win-Back Tracks to Personalize for your Messaging & Videos

    • Digital Conversation Starter- Tracks to Personalize for your Prospecting

    • Examples of How to Evolve your Scripts-Key " You " Sentences to Personalize

Meet Carla Ksonzek

Sales Process & Communication Instructor

Carla Ksonzek

My sales and leadership experience in the Automotive Industry spans over 25 years with time spent in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Process mapping, Training front lines, Keeping Auto departments on tasks for both Sales and Fixed, and optimizing Digital Marketing, Fixed Operations & key BDC & Sales staff for over 1500 Dealers. In January 2015 I co-founded Up InMotion Inc. Our highly successful target specific training programs bring process implementation to a new level of simple, enabling Sales & Service Advisors to evolve seamlessly into the digital age of client management. After 6 years..250 Dealers in Canada, 3000 Sales, Service & BDC professionals trained and coached..I look forward to moving your teams to the next level of performance Contact me today for more information : Available in English & French