Reviews & Testimonials

Game Changer & Sustainable Results

Brandon Smith

I've been incredibly fortunate to work with Carla in two different dealerships now, and I cannot say enough good things about Carla as a person, and as a teacher/trainer/coach in the automotive world. Carla provided our group with incredibly in-depth and comprehensive training around lead management and follow up, shared scripts and work plans with us. If you're considering hiring Carla to come and help your dealership, do not hesitate! Carla is one of the best investments a dealership can make for their staff and one of the best investments a dealership could make into its own success.

Innovative Training for Digital Sales Process

Yan Savaria

Carla Ksonzek is for sure one of the most engaged, dynamic, up to date and fun coach i've gotten to work with in years. She really helped our teams develop themselves in response to the drastic turn car business as taken in the last few years. She has put in place procedures to make sure that all of our customers/leads gets proper answers, infos and tight follow ups. I would recommend her to any dealership who is wanting to go the extra mile and wants to "get with the program".

Reach your Goals & Optimize your Sales Process

Wendy Bulmer

Carla's training for sales and service was very effective in helping us reach our goals. Working with Carla was very easy, she walked us through all the steps. Because of the positive experience we had at Acura of Moncton with UpInMotion I was able to recommend Carla and her team to other dealerships. Since working with Carla, they too felt Carla was a great business partner. I have no reservations in recommending Carla to anyone who wants to improve results.

Game Changer Training...We are the # 1 Truck Dealer in Canada

Karel Chevrette

La charmante Carla ne fera pas seulement tourner des têtes à son entrée chez vous, elle sera convaincante et professionnelle adoptant une approche personnalisée auprès de chacun des membres de votre équipe qu'elle rencontrera. Dynamique et audacieuse, elle sait comment optimiser les atouts de votre concession. Pour moi, elle est le reflet du dicton qui mentionne : Seul, on va plus vite mais en équipe, on va plus loin

Most Impactful Training to Elevate People & Results

Nazih Chemali

I had the chance to work closely with Mrs Ksonzek to put in place a BDC , and I was very satisfied with the outcome. her training sessions are very valuable, her strategic thinking is a plus to any retail business. thank you Carla for your efforts

Best Automotive Trainer

Aseem Sachdev

Carla is one of the best automotive trainers I have met in my career. Her knowledge of the automotive industry and her insights makes her one of the best in the business. Her passion for training & personal skills puts everyone at ease in a training allowing them to understand the most complicated processes. I wish her great success and hope to continue learning from her.

This Upped my Results-Best Training available Today

Steve Murphy

Fantastic training, one of the best I have attended over my years in the automotive industry. Carla makes it easy to learn in a challenging environment nowadays. The best tools I learned was her lead scripts to get a response from internet leads, and do they ever work! Excellent training in a fun and interactive class. It is worth every dollar to attend her classes

Most Impactful Training to Elevate People & Results

Dean Jacobs

I was discussing the need for some lead handling training for our salespeople a couple of years ago and a colleague told me about an individual he knew who was very passionate and knowledgeable about sales training specifically for the automotive business. I thought why not give this individual a call and see what she has to say. So I called Carla up and we clicked immediately. I really hoped that her personality would be the same in person because I could see the salespeople responding to someone so positive and upbeat especially if the training being delivered made sense and was relatable. Well Carla delivered an excellent "playbook" for the salespeople and sales managers, had an excellent level of engagement from everyone who participated in the training, and followed up with an incredible amount of support for the salespeople because she genuinely wanted them to succeed. I would strongly recommend Carla and her training program to anyone looking to improve their team's overall performance and level of customer service.

Wealth of Automotive Knowledge that Moves Managers & Sales People

Louis Stephen

Carla is in a class of her own. She carries a wealth of automotive information. In an industry that is ever evolving, she does a tremendous job of staying ahead of the latest pivot. Carla has played a key role in our dealerships success in 2020. This includes training for both the sales team, and management team. Thank you for everything you do Carla! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Instant Results! Easy to Evolve!

Jarred Fowler

I have worked in the car business for 26 years and have been on many training courses . I have actually seen results in my sales the day after i took the course,I highly recommend it. At the end of the day were all trying to make a better living for ourselves and i want to thank Carla for giving me extra tools to do so. Great Job Carla

Meet Carla Ksonzek

Sales Process & Communication Instructor

Carla Ksonzek

My sales and leadership experience in the Automotive Industry spans over 25 years with time spent in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Process mapping, Training front lines, Keeping Auto departments on tasks for both Sales and Fixed, and optimizing Digital Marketing, Fixed Operations & key BDC & Sales staff for over 1500 Dealers. In January 2015 I co-founded Up InMotion Inc. Our highly successful target specific training programs bring process implementation to a new level of simple, enabling Sales & Service Advisors to evolve seamlessly into the digital age of client management. After 6 years..250 Dealers in Canada, 3000 Sales, Service & BDC professionals trained and coached..I look forward to moving your teams to the next level of performance Contact me today for more information : Available in English & French